Dielli Radiant Cut Ring Vivid Blue

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  • Made with Real 18k Gold/Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver S925


ntroducing our stunning sterling silver ring, featuring a fancy pink main stone that exudes elegance and sophistication. The stone's striking hue, which is a rare and coveted color in the world of gemstones, will capture everyone's attention.

The main stone's cut, which has been expertly executed, enhances the stone's natural beauty and creates a mesmerizing sparkle. The stone's feminine and romantic pink hue is a true standout, making this ring an excellent choice for anyone who loves to express their individuality and femininity.

  • 5 Carat main stone
  • Vivid Blue Diamond Simulant


Sterling Silver with Rhodium Finish and Protective Coating

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I want to measure my ring size

1. Cut a very thin piece of paper and wrap it around your finger.
2. Make sure the paper is places close to your knuckle and fits comfortably.
3. Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance between the two points with a ruler.
4. Find your size in the guide below.


I have a ring, but dont know my size

1. Grab a ruler and a ring.

2. Place the ring on the ruler, so that the left inner side is just touching the zero.

3. Measure distance between the two inner sides to get your diameter.

4. Find your size in the guide below.

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