About Us

Welcome to House of Carats, a brand full of love.

House of Carats is a business venture set out to create affordable and fashionable jewellery pieces from women & for women. From designing our jewellery to picking out materials, we listen to your preferences and desires, and create our jewellery with your input.

The idea started with us seeing trendy but expensive jewellery on social media and thinking, 'I want that!' For us, jewellery is a treat that every single one of us should be able to afford and enjoy. This is how House of Carats was born.



We believe that everyone deserves to experience owning fashionable and unique jewellery and have made it our mission to create high quality and varied products suitable for everyone.

Through our experience of working with semi-precious jewellery and the expertise of our jewellers, we aim to offer quality products without the expensive high street price tag.

Our products are delivered directly to your doorstep and come with a satisfaction guarantee.
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If you have any questions about our brand or our products, please feel free to contact us either via our Contact Us section or our Facebook page.